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"Dancing with the Realtors" a pretty cool time

On Saturday night I attended the "Dancing with the Realtors" event at the Four Points Hotel in my hometown of Leominster, Mass. The event was supposed to be an imitation of the popular realty television show, Dancing with the Stars, only with central Massachusetts Real Estate Agents instead of stars. A cheesy concept, perhaps, but all the proceeds for this event went toward a good cause: helping low income families build homes through Habitat for Humanity. It was a pretty swanky event; a lot of tuxedos, evening gowns, cash bars in the hotel lobby and mingling amongst some of the community's big players.

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For a group of people who don't dance for a living, the quality was actually good. The dance instructors managed to teach the realtors all the basic moves, and they looked semi-professional. However, towards the end of the night some of the REAL professionals put on a sensational performance dancing with each other, which looked like something you would see on television.

The event managed to raise $6,000 for Habitat. I was shocked by people's generosity considering the current economic climate; many were willing to bid up to $300 at a time on events in the live auction. However, after speaking with the event organizer, Sandra DeRienzo, this total was significantly lower than last year's amount of $18,000. Nevertheless, for someone like myself who's been eating exclusively from McDonald's Dollar Menu for the past few months to save money, a $6,000 dollar contribution is remarkable.

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Things to do in Allston/Brighton

Things to do in the Allston/Brighton area.

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Median Earnings for Boston/Cambridge 2006-2007

Median earnings for men and women in the Boston/Cambridge area increased from 2006-2007.

Information about my home town

This is information about my home town.

Today's Class

We are going to learn how to do mapping and charts.

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